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Feature Films as Production Designer


     At Three Colours Design Studio, we specialize in film production design, recognizing the crucial role it plays in storytelling. We firmly believe that visuals are more powerful than mere words and texts. A single impeccable visual can evoke more emotions than pages of written texts or even millions of spoken words. This belief inspires and drives us to create and deliver communicative, stunning, emotionally evoking, and relatable visuals.


With a solid foundation in Fine Art studies, a 360-degree understanding of aesthetics, and extensive knowledge of visual communication, we are here to serve and deliver professional designs embraced with visual storytelling, themes, colour theories, lighting, and more. Our designs are not limited to just 'a design' but an emotional connection and an experience to cherish for a lifetime.


Production design is an art and craft embedded in the core of the filmmaking process. Production designers utilize imagination, technique, illusion, and reality. They apply discipline and financial restraint to visually enhance the script and the director's intent by creating images out of ideas and purpose out of the images.


At Three Colours Design Studio, we are committed to visual design, with a priority placed on film production design. We recognize that regional filmmaking explores central regional emotions in their language and their cinemas play an important role in conveying messages or emotions. Our professional work started in 2016 with the Marathi film NAAL. We have since worked on nine films, including regional and Hindi cinemas in different languages.

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