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Bengali Feature Film

Duration- 1 h 57 min

Director - Akash Sharma

Director of Photography - Sandeep Gn Yadav, Anuj Nath

Production House - The great Indian noise 

Synopsis -

Waiting For Dawn (Bhor Er Oppekha) revolves around the mundane city life of a working-class family in Calcutta. Yearning for companionship in his tedious life, middle-aged bachelor, Kousik, is also endlessly chasing an absconding shopkeeper to collect the payment for the goods he’d sold to him. His mother, Karuna, is coping with the recent loss of her husband. She has just sacked her domestic helper for being too irritable, and is having a desperately tough time in finding a new one who fits her finicky standards. 

waiting for dawn.png

Design , Pre-work - Film Images

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