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Garo Feature Film

Duration- 2 H 7 MIN 

Director - Dominic Sangma 

Director of Photography - Tojo Xaiver

Production House - Anna Films

Official Selection For 



Synopsis -

One night, a 14-year-old boy collecting cicadas in the forest with other villagers disappears and cannot be found anywhere. There is a rumour that an alleged group of child kidnappers is stalking around the village at night. The villagers believe these kidnappers are trained and sent by the big hospitals in the city for a human organ transplant business. As the villagers are unsure whether the missing boy has been kidnapped by the stalkers or by the forest nymph, they organize a Village Defense Party to guard the village at night. As the town is grappling with the fear of kidnappers, the church announces the arrival of a miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary sent by the Pope to every Catholic Church in the world, warning of an approaching apocalyptic darkness which will last for 80 days. Nothing will give light except for the blessed candles provided by the priest. Through Kasan (10), who suffers from night blindness, and his father, Nengsal (45), who is the village’s head of security, we witness the unfolding of unprecedented events in the town and how it affects their lives in this chaotic time.

Design Work

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Behind the scene 

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Film Images

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Special Film Property Design

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